written by Bukunmi Akinshipe

It is often commonplace to observe some rather awkward and contorted bodily movements performed by a number of people, in response to the sound of sonorous music, which is often erroneously seen as dance. Even the writer of this piece is no exception to that.

However, not many are familiar with the skillful display of coordinated movements and patterns by the human body which is the beautiful art of choreography. 

As opposed to the freestyle nature of dance which many are more acquainted with, a Czech-born creative with Nigerian roots has carved a niche for himself in the art of choreography. 

Born in November 1981, to a Nigerian father and a Czech mother, Yemi Akinyemi Dele, popularly known as Yemi AD, has always exhibited a passion for art. This passion led him to study at the Central European Advertising Art Institute, where he completed a degree in art directing and copywriting as an area of specialization.

His multi-cultural upbringing stirred up a strong desire for the exploration of diverse cultures which has been of relevance in his creative work. Yemi is inspired to showcase modern dance choreography throughout the world that reflects current global feelings, emotions, and consciousness. His intention to utilize dance expression as a medium of representing the human connection with a fusion of cultures and societies, has led to the establishment of his dance academy and JAD productions located in Prague, Czech Republic.

At the JAD dance academy, people from diverse age groups and ability in dance have the opportunity to learn various dance styles including hip-hop, modern ballet, jazz, contemporary, MTV style, and dance hall from choreographers all over the world. Yemi is a source of inspiration to upcoming dancers and youths who have worked with him over the years in his dance academy. Through the JAD Dance Company, he has been able to chart new paths with dance styles previously unexplored in the Czech Republic.

It may, or may not be news to you, that in 2010, Yemi AD was selected by popular hip-hop rapper Kanye West, to choreograph a ballet-inspired sequence in the Runaway of the “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album. This work received public commendation, and Kanye West thereafter commissioned him to create choreography for his Runaway performance in Los Angeles for VMA’s 2010 and his Saturday Night Live performance of “Power” and “Runaway”.

In the same year 2010, Yemi AD was recognized as one of 24 Most Influential People in the Czech Republic as voted by MF Dnes, a well-respected Czech Daily Press. 

In 2017, he was selected as one of the first Czech ambassadors of sustainable development goals and one of the three Goodwill Ambassadors for the Ministry of foreign affairs in the Czech Republic.

In 2019, Yemi AD was chosen as one of 50 professional judges from all over the world, for the talent show The World’s Best.

Yemi AD is recognized as an artist, a choreographer, music producer, art director, performer and correspondent. 

In short, he is simply a multidisciplinary creative! 

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