By Odebunmi Emmanuel 

Queen’s Gambit is not your average run of the mill show – a troubled protagonist with an outstanding goal who has to overcome a lot of obstacles to reach said goal. Well, it actually is, but Queen’s Gambit makes a lot of major stops along the way.

The show opened up with a portrayal of single parenthood and substance abuse. They covered all bases when it comes to themes and social consciousness. Beth Harmon, the main character, grew up in a home for young girls. It was during her time there that she was introduced to drugs.

For her, it was a way to focus on the one thing she cared about the most – chess.

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Watching the show, you’ll come to realize that there is something for everybody. The young black girl who realizes that life goes much smoother for her white counterparts finds someone to relate to in Jolene who spoke about how much harder it was for a black girl to get adopted from the home.


The gifted professional who notices that she has to work twice as hard to be as respected in her field as her male counterparts finds someone to relate to in Beth Harmon, who was initially dismissed as a chess player because of her gender.

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As I said, they covered all bases. We still have themes like communism, LGBTQ, religion and its place in politics, and most importantly, teamwork.

In my opinion, the bedrock of Queen’s Gambit is teamwork. At different points in her life, Beth needed the help of one character or the other. Just before she faced off against the Russians, it was established that the one thing the Russians had that the Americans didn’t was teamwork. This is evident in the way the Russians worked together before the conclusion of Beth’s game with Luchenko. What’s more, teamwork was the final boost she needed to reach her outstanding goal.

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In some ways, Queen’s Gambit reminds me of Coach Carter, most especially because of the lesson they both teach – you can’t go far alone. The boys needed each other and Beth needed a whole lot of people in her becoming, particularly Mr. Shaibel.


To my readers already about to hit the snooze button, I have something for you too. The show is not just a cocktail of ideas and ideology. The cinematography, styling, and acting is going to leave you transfixed from the beginning, down to the very end. It also has its fair share of humor, romance, and adventure.

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The Queen’s Gambit is quite wholesome. It is a show I would confidently advise anyone, and everyone, to see. And my condolences to anyone who read this thinking it would be an objective review. I was in love with everything about the show as soon as I saw Anya Taylor-Joy (Beth Harmon) on the cover.

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