Written by Ogunbiyi Ayobami Lolade

Do you know what the hardest thing about acting is? It has to be successfully representing an image that draws your audience in and being convincing enough to captivate and engage them. I’m not a professional actor, but I like to believe that is what it is.  

We have people we consider good actors and those we consider not so good, however, Adetomiwa Edun has proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, to be one of the most promising and gifted actors you would ever encounter. 

If you know him well, you’d know he is famous for his roles as Sir Elyan in the popular and award-winning television series “Merlin”, Marcus Young in Bates Motel, and Alex Hunter in the football video games. He also appeared in Doctor Who.

You must also recognise that, Tomiwa, despite the fact that he moved from Nigeria to the United Kingdom at the age of 11, is  no  stranger to the Nollywood scene at all. In 2017, he appeared in the Nollywood movie titled “Banana Island Ghost” and he constantly shares his great admiration for the talents in Nigeria.

Born to a family from three countries, the Ghanaian-Nigerian-English blood,  attended Eton College, and later studied Classic literature at the University of Cambridge. He later went ahead to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and it has been the foundation for his blossoming career. 

Tomiwa typically recalls one of his standout performances as Romeo in the 2009 production of the tale of star-crossed lovers at Shakespeare’s Globe. 

Sunken in the world of make-believe, we often find our fears temporarily extinguished and ourselves confronted with mind-blowing alternate realities that remind us of better days and Tomiwa Edun is immensely glad to play a role in that. 

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