written by Bukunmi Akinshipe

If you don’t happen to be the child of one of the richest men in Nigeria, with a net worth ranging in billions of naira, you might have no idea what it feels like to constantly be in the shadow of your parent. You might have no idea what it feels like to always be seen as and referred to as the “daughter of lagbaja”, or the “son of tomedo” first, before anything else.

You might also have no clue at all, on what it means to carry the burdens and blessings of your parents’ identity, wherever you go.


A few people however, might be able to perfectly relate to these struggles, and one of them happens to be none other than 24 years old Temiloluwa Elizabeth Otedola.

Photo Credit : Instagram

You’d see the industriousness, talent, and creativity exhibited as she stars in her debut feature film “Citation” directed by ace filmmaker,  Kunle Afolayan which is to be released September 2020.

You’d see her exquisite fashion, lifestyle, and travel adventures consciously and beautifully curated on her Instagram feed and shared for her fans and the public alike.

What about her life and her journey isn’t admirable? 

Is it her romantic relationship with African music star, Mr. Eazi? (Screams “God when”)

The beautiful bond she shares with her parents and the support she renders to her sister DJ Cuppy?

Or how she lends her voice as support to fight gender inequality and violence against women?

Photo Credit : Instagram

Personally, I’m deeply intrigued by her eye for fashion and how she manages to turn seemingly regular pieces into eye-catching and breathtaking looks. Her finesse of colors on outfits is definitely something I aspire to.

Her blog, JTO Fashion is filled with more than enough fashion, art, travel, and photography needed to upgrade your lifestyle. She is a Youtuber, writer, presenter, and an avid lover of books who also owns a bookclub.

Photo Credit : Instagram

Now, while some might attempt to cast aspersions on her life achievements by insinuating that she got all she did through her privileged life and background, I would simply add that it doesn’t take away from her strength, courage, and push to do something worthwhile with that privilege. We must also acknowledge that however much privilege a person has, they still have their unique life struggles and battles, and we shouldn’t make light of that. 

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We must all aspire to uncover our hidden potentials and maximize whatever opportunities we have in life, in whatever forms they come, as that indeed is when we prove to truly break free of whatever chains holding us back, however appalling or fancy they might look. This to me, is the ultimate life lesson. 

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