Haba: What’s the Matter?

By June 8, 2020 Conversations

Blowing your own trumpet is as important as investing in your personal development and smashing a new goal.

Written by Olabode Emmanuel 

It was past 2:00 am and I had just completed my tasks for the day. I took a last glance at Twitter as I drifted off to La La Land. Suddenly! A heavy light flooded my room from the sky above followed by a thunderous voice “EMMANUEL’, the voice called. I found it strange, so I ignored. It called again, this time, the room started vibrating and for a moment I feared rapture was about to happen. “EMMAAAANUEEEEEEL!!!”, the voice echoed again with a familiar song playing in the background. Like the biblical Samuel, I answered at the third call. “I am here! How may I help you? Who are you sef!” I yelled. Why would anyone in the world interrupt my sleep at this ungodly hour *rolls my eyes* “HAVE YOU STREAMED HABA today?” the voice responded. “What!!!” I was livid. “STREEEAAAAAMM HAAABBAAAAAA NOOOWWWWW!” That was the last thing I heard before my alarm brought me back to reality. I woke up confused, it was a dream.

Okay… That wasn’t real. But, it could have been.

Nigerian rapper, Emeka Akumefule, popularly known as Blaqbonez has been in our faces in the past few weeks, vehemently aggrandizing his songs on all social media platforms. He released his latest track, Haba early this year and has since been hard-driving in making it prominent. He and his soldiers will stop at nothing in spreading this gospel. A project that started as a promotion strategy, has evolved into a full-fledged movement. Blaqbonez deserves a jungle of accolades, he has defied balls and chains at consistently releasing creative, entertaining and thrilling content for his audience. It’s unarguable that Blaqbonez is the reigning King of Social Media in Nigeria.

Last year, Blaqbonez threw the music industry into an unexpected frenzy when he declared himself the biggest rapper in Africa. This ruffled some feathers within the hip-hop community and they came (unsuccessfully) at him. Ever since, his popularity has grown astronomically as he continues to exploit unconventional, controversial and ingenious ways to push his brand and music. The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from all of this is: BE VISIBLE AND RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN PR.


Blackbonez art work saying Stream Haba

Take responsibility for your own promotion, be visible in your workplace or industry, tell your story, talk about what you do, make noise about your art.  Did you seal the big deal for your company? Loud it! Did you just release a new e-book? Loud it! Don’t downplay your accomplishments, Own it! Wear it inside out, turned backwards, or tied around your head but never take it off.

“My album (has) been ready since February, promotion plan for Haba is 3 months, and I’m diligently following through with it”. Blaqbonez responded to a Twitter fan who told him he has done enough promotion for Haba and should “get in the studio and record another song”.

The nonpareils are those who take personal responsibility for amplifying and enshrining their craft and exploits. Blowing your own trumpet is as important as investing in your personal development and smashing a new goal. Like Master P a.k.a MP said; “No dull yourself!’’ Activate your inner sage and let the world know what you are capable of.

Talk to you soon.


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