written by Bukunmi Akinshipe

We just might say it was written in destiny for Adebayo Oke-Lawal to excel in the fashion space because right from the tender age of 10, he had started designing and sketching. We mean, he had been naturally drawn to the idea of clothing and fashion for as far back as it goes.

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We could confidently say his growing years were preparing him for the course he would take in his adult years, and that is why his fashion brand, Orange Culture, is no surprise at all. We might as well call it a fulfillment of destiny, as the case may be.

Photo Credit : Instagram

Indeed, Adebayo’s intention with the Orange Culture label was to literally revolutionize what we know as men’s fashion today. For him, Orange Culture is much more than a clothing line. It is much more than a brand. Rather, it is a movement. A movement that covers universal silhouettes with an African touch and caters to a creative class of men. This literally translates into a heady mixture of Nigerian-inspired print fabrics, colours, and contemporary urban streetwear. The movement is geared at breaking traditional gender stereotypes whilst synonymously celebrating the Nigerian culture. 


Much more than fashion, but a movement indeed!

Orange Culture officially started in 2011, after he had worked with several Nigerian designers, to turn his unique vision of fashion into reality. Since starting the label and an official runway debut at Lagos Fashion And Design Week 2011, he has been working assiduously with trying to showcase Orange Culture to the world. 


“When I started my brand, I was focused on the Man I was, and the kind some men would love to be like whilst creating a new narrative and building a new normal.”

Photo Credit : Instagram

Adebayo recently shared on an episode of the African Millennial Radio Show, how his thought process with building his brand was creating a brand that pushed against stereotypes, one that was to create a sort of change, a positive story, and narrative. 

To any young person, any millennial or GenZ-er out there, looking to start a brand and a movement, willing to question norms and upturn stereotypes, you’ve seen a prime example.  Now is the next best time to chase after your dreams and smash those goals, like Adebayo Oke-Lawal has done, and keeps doing. 

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