Hi! So, let me make a quick guess: you’re reading this on your smartphone yeah? That’s right. This world has changed so much over the last couple of years and I think it is fabulous. Millennials now have access to information at the snap of a finger. Content keeps getting better, more accessible, and more relatable.

The African Millennial Report is a project concerned with researching how millennials and Gen Zs in Africa interact with the content accessible to them, with how much ease, on what platforms, and how all that influences their consumer behaviors. We believe the results of this research would change the way we relate with, share, and consume content as young people.


Now that you are finished with the essay above which you possibly considered boring, let me now tell you the five real reasons you should actually take the survey at Getupinc Website.


  1. It won’t hurt you. Like really. 10 minutes max. That’s about 1/10th the time you use to watch an average movie on Netflix. I don’t mean to guilt-trip(yes I mean to actually), but abeg na.
  2. It would help you in the long run. You don’t believe me? We’re sourcing information we can provide people to communicate better with you and meet your consumer needs. So, do you see how it helps you now?
  3. Let me just be honest with you, it would help the work we do at GetUpInc. Millennial Trends, Insights, Behavioural Analysis, and all that good stuff(let me not bamboozle you too much). So yes, it’s massive work and we’d appreciate your support by taking the survey.
  4. It’s revolutionary stuff really. You don’t want to know how far the data we would obtain from you would go in transforming how brands relate with you as a Millennial or Gen Z. Brands also stand to benefit from the effects this project would have on their marketing and sales. So you see? It’s actually big stuff.
  5. Now we’re not proud, please help us take this survey. Abeg. Biko. Ejo. Don Allah. Mbok.


With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince and not confuse you, that you need to go take the survey at getupinc.com asap. Thank you.

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